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MonaVie Pyramid Scam Mlm

MonaVie is this direct sales or MLM company selling the proprietary juice. Some people think that MonaVie is a pyramid scam MLM. So, is MonaVie a pyramid scam MLM company?

Is MonaVie a Pyramid Scam Mlm?

MonaVie is an MLM, there is no debate about that. However, is Mona Vie a pyramid scheme or a pyramid scam as some people prefer to call the scheme? According to the definition of what a pyramid scheme is (below), MonaVie is not a pyramid scheme. MonaVie may be a greedy organization that sells highly inflated juice products but it is not a pyramid scheme.

"A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves the exchange of money primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, usually without any product or service being delivered."

Why is MonaVie not a pyramid scam MLM?

MonaVie is in the clear for being a pyramid scam MLM because of the MonaVie juice. MonaVie Inc. markets the juice primarily so there is an actual product (a very expensive one in fact). When joining MonaVie as a distributor (which allows you to buy MonaVie products at discounts and sell MonaVie products to customers), you often end up buying Mona Vie juice either for yourself or for resale. The money changes hand with actual products involved.

The infamous juice is called the MonaVie juice which comes in two types, the MonaVie Active and the MonaVie original. There is also MonaVie gel packs but they are not as popular as the MonaVie juice.

MonaVie pyramid scam MLM

MonaVie Active bottles - evidence that MonaVie is not a pyramid scam MLM but an actual MLM (multi-level marketing company).