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You Love Someone for Their Flaws

Although most people start out looking for perfection, you will find that life leads you in strange directions. Perhaps perfection is not at all what you are looking for. When you have perfection, are you really going to be happy? Sometimes, you love someone for their flaws. Why? Because those flaws match your personality very well making you happy to be around the person with those flaws. After all, everyone is looking for happiness.

Why should you love someone for their flaws?


You Love Someone for Their Flaws

Imagine you are with a perfect partner who never does anything wrong. Then wouldn't you feel inadequate when you are the only one in the relationship who is dropping things, falling over things, forgetting things, and making all the mistakes?

In a relationship, most people want to feel, not only wanted, but needed. If someone is perfect in every way, then why would that person need you who is not perfect and who make many mistakes?

Eventually, you will find that when you are with someone who is less perfect than you or who is perfect in ways you are not but less perfect in ways that you are, then you will be happier. People always talk about the distinction between "perfect" and "perfect for you". Someone with many flaws could be perfect for you even though on his or her own, he or she is no way near perfect.

Movies exploring how you can love someone for their flaws

There are many movies that explore the meaning of loving someone for their flaws and finding a soul mate who is perfect, not for everyone else, but for you. In many movies, men date many beautiful and sexy women but marry the next door girls who are plain and boring in comparison. Men and women need security and security is hard to be had when you are with someone so perfect.

In the movie, Good Luck Chuck, for example, Dr. Charles Logan had every beautiful women he could imagine. Many women loved him but he never loved any of them enough to say "I love you" until he met Cam, a clumsy, accident prone, haphazard woman. She had more flaws than any other women he knew combined. But, her flaws made it interesting for Charles and he got close to her enough to see how truly beautiful she was inside. At one point he even asked his friend, a love loser, if it was possible for someone to love someone for their flaws. His friend, also fell in love with someone with huge flaws. However, flaws are a matter of perspective. To someone else, a perfect person for you may be full of flaws but what matter is that to you, they are perfect. Also, when you look deep down, even a seemingly perfect person has flaws.