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What is the Relationship between Happiness and Individuality?

There is a strong relationship between happiness and individuality. However some people think that following the group and blending in is the way to be happy. Most people want to be accepted. It all starts with being accepted by parents, then by teachers, by friends, by the boss, and so on. You see in movies all the time that people change themselves so that they could fit in and be accepted. Most people see others and want to be like them. It is rare that people see what they have and what they are and are proud enough to not change a thing about themselves and want people to accept them as they are.

Getting rid of individuality for happiness

People can pretend to be something they are not, to go along with what the group says, to dress like others, and to be just like others that they admire. Sometimes getting rid of your individuality and be just like the group will make you happy because you are likely to be accepted. After all, people like to hang around people who are like them. That way, there is no competition, not argument, etc. For awhile, you can actually be happy changing yourself. You can have lots of friends, you can feel popular, you can go to places and parties where popular people go.

Temporary happiness from lack of individuality

However, soon you will realize what you truly want and what you are and they are likely to not be what you have become. Unless you really want to change yourself FOR YOURSELF, you will not be happy changing. Everyone is different. They like doing different things and have different opinions. In Sydney White, she says that everyone likes to do things that are at times dorky, so we are all dorks.

Sydney White is happy with the dorks and being dorky herself

In fact Sydney White is the happiest person in the movie! She tried changing herself and getting rid of her individuality but soon found out that there are more to life than just fitting in. Amanda Bynes did another movie with the same fitting in theme called 'What a Girl wants' with Collin Firth. In Sydney White, she had to step out of her own little world to find out that the world had more to offer than her little world and the bigger world is actually happier than the Kappa little world. The dorks and minorities are happy, successful and long life friends.

What is the Relationship between Happiness and Individuality