Life Lessons

Table Manners

Having good table manners will impress people. Some people think it is good to eat however you like. However, if you want to appear elegant, intelligent, smart, proper, from a good family with good upbringing, then you should at least adopt the following table manners.

Table Manners

Sit upright at all times

At a table, don't slouch. It is easy for people, especially tall people, to slouch because it is generally more comfortable to do so. However, slouching is bad manner and you will not look good doing it.

Do not put your arms or elbows on the table

At a table, it is easy to let yourself put your arms or elbows on the table to support your weight. This is bad manner as you should never put any parts of your body on the table. Sit back on your chair with your back straight up against the back of the chair or just upright. When you are not eating, rest your arms next to your body and your hands on your lap.

Food to mouth not mouth to food

When eating, you need to make your food come to your mouth. That means your back should remain straight upright at all times and your hand should bring the food to your mouth without you having to slouch and bend your back to eat the food. This is very important because most people will be watching for this. You need to make your food come to you, not you to it even if you are eating something messy. If you are one of those people who is a sloppy eater, try to order less messy food and avoid eating food such as spaghetti or noodles.