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  • Sometimes, you may wonder if your husband hates you or not. Different people have different definitions of what love is and how they show their love and it is not uncommon to wonder if your husband hates you when he does certain things that can be classified as hatred.
  • When husbands are nasty to wives, wives often ask 'does my husband hate me?' There are many clues and warning signs that your husband should have shown to you over time that you can use to answer the question 'does my husband hate me' or 'does my husband still love me'.
  • Many people say 'I hate my drunk husband'. Alcohol is a major reason for breakups or divorces. If a husband is alcoholic and the wife is not, then she is not likely to be able to put up with him if he does not stop drinking or getting severely drunk. Many people say I hate my drunk husband immediate after an incidence or if he has been drunk over and over.
  • There are many women that say 'I think I hate my husband' so if you are one of them, then you are not alone. Things do change, especially love and most of the time, women married for love and expect their husbands to love them more as time goes on.
  • If you find out or suspect that your husband hates you, then it is important to know what to do if your husband hates you. This is a delicate matter. If you do not want to make the situation worse and risk alienate your husband more, then you need to handle this carefully.
  • Many wives find themselves having to deal with their angry husbands. It is important to know how to deal with an angry husband correctly so that you will not aggravate him more and make him even more mad. No women really want to deal with angry husbands even when they know how to deal with an angry husband.
  • Many wives say 'I love my husband but I hate his drinking'. Unfortunately, many men have drinking problems. Some of them are better than others and recognize their problems and would do whatever it takes to solve the problems. Others are not so grateful that they have loving wives and could not care less about solving their drinking problems.
  • Many women need to know how to deal with a husband that is irrational. Many people are irrational. It takes smart people to be rational especially under pressure or when they are angry or upset. In more relationships, husbands are usually the irrational ones, rather than the wives.
  • Manners are very important. Good manners look nice whereas bad manners sore the eyes. People with good education and good upbringing usually have good manners whereas people who lack proper education and grow up as a lower class often lack manners or have improper or poor manners.
  • Having good table manners will impress people. Some people think it is good to eat however you like. However, if you want to appear elegant, intelligent, smart, proper, from a good family with good upbringing, then you should at least adopt the following table manners.
  • Learning how to eat bread the proper way at a formal dinner table is more important than one might expect.
  • When dining, there are many occasions why you must get up and leave the dining table. Knowing how to leave your dining table properly shows that you have manners, good education, and good upbringing.
  • When talking, people usually use their hands to illustrate some points. However, some people use their hands too much and hand movements then no longer illustrate points but attract more (negative) attention than what come out of the person talking 's mouth.
  • Point is very offensive in some culture. It is good manners to never point. You especially cannot point at a person. It is very rude.
  • When sharing a dish, never use your own cutlery to take some food from it. Your own cutlery should only be used on your own plate that is yours alone and not shared. Your own plate is the one infront of you and a small bread plate next to it.