Life Lessons

Should I Trust People

In the past it is easier to trust people. Why? Because there weren't as many desperate and bad people around. With the world being more and more competitive and more people are struggling to make ends meet, people get more selfish and commercials and other con-artists convince them that it's ok to scam other people.

With more bad information and distractions in the world, people are more corrupted from a very young age and with examples that they could get away with anything, it is easier for people to commit crime and con others. So, should you trust people?

Don't think its fate

While it is much nicer to think that people are nice, it does not always work out that way. Nowadays there are more selfish people than nice because nice people usually get taken advantage of and soon would tone down thier trust of others.

Should I trust people?

When you meet someone, usually it is easy to think that it is fate and that you are supposed to meet this person, however this is usually not the case. There is an equal chance that someone you just met will be nice or will turn your world upside down and be a nightmare for you.

So, the first think you should think of when meeting people is that it's just a coincidence, it is not fate. You are not put in this world to meet this person so that you could make a difference in their life.

Most people meet many strangers daily and some turns out to be a nice friend and some turns out to be bad news. Don't think it is fate because if you do you will not think much about whether someone is nice or not. Use you own judgement to the limit. See for yourself if that person is nice. Because it is the only way you can be sure that you have checked that person out enough (or the best you can) before you start trusting him or her.

You should be aware that of all the strangers a person meets a day, there are more people that are not good friends, that are out there to take advantage of anyone they can and that are out there to con- you or to scam you out of your money and other possessions. Don't let your faith in fate or other higher power cloud your own judgement call. If you do, statistics shows that you are more likely to get conned or robbed blind or scammed rather than end up with a good life long best friend.