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Should I Believe in Fate?

For some people it is a good or even necessary thing to believe in fate whereas for others believing in fate can be harmful and hurtful. Let's discuss below when it is a good thing to believe in fate and how believing in fate can lead to your downfall.

What people do when they believe in fate

The reasons why believing in fate may be a good thing and also may lead to disasters are all about what people do when they believe in fate.

First of all, fate is a bit like faith - faith in the higher power, faith in fate. So, when you believe that a higher power is at work you tend to leave it be.

Why people believe in fate

Most people, when they think fate is at work on their situation, they stop thinking about their own solutions, they think less, be less careful, and be more trusting. It's what they do, say, act as a result of believing in fate that can cause major disasters in their lives.

What can happen?

When you stop thinking, stop reacting, stop working the hardest you could towards something, you let the ball drop. As a result, you are not achieving as much as you could, you may lose money, lose your job, lose responsibilities. But for these people, they don't mind so much because they blame it on fate, not themselves.

Trusting people is another issue. It is common sense to judge on a case by case basis if to trust a stranger or even someone you know.

When to trust and believe in fate?

Sometimes people are so depressed by their situation and it is much harder for them to make their own decisions of what to do than to just simply let go and believe in fate. In this case, to avoid severe depression, you should believe in fate. But bear in mind though that it is probably all in your mind and if you ever stop thinking, stop preparing, stop making good decisions than you will be in a worse off position. But, if you prefer having less than perfect life than getting all stressed out about it, the believing in fate may be your solution.