Life Lessons

Robert Allen Scam

The Robert Allen Scam is one of the biggest life lessons for many new real estate investors who trusted Robert G. Allen, putting all they have on the line and end up losing more than they could afford. Robert G. Allen has been in business for over 20 years. The Robert Allen scam has been known for a long time, yet Robert Allen still manages to scam down on luck people who lost their jobs and all the had left was just hope. Robert G. Allen has been perceived by many as an evil man who needs to be stopped. A class action lawsuit is long overdue again for Robert G. Allen and his organizations.

Throughout the years, Robert G. Allen and his Robert Allen Institute have changed names to avoid lawsuits and to continue to scam people after bankruptcies and many legal problems. Robert G. Allen himself confirmed that while he is called the Real Estate guru teaching people how to do real estate all over the country, he himself does not make money doing real estate. His money comes from public speaking, talking about doing real estate, not actually doing it. Naturally, he also has a program for public speaking in his Robert Allen Institute 's Masters Program.

With the help of John Childers, a great public speaking coach, Robert Allen taught people how to make money the way he is making money - teach, public speak and then sell something at the back of the room. This method works very well and yes most of the people hoping to learn real estate techniques from Robert Allen, the man, end up making Robert Allen more and more money as they are constantly sold something at the back of the room. Even at his bootcamps, there are things that they sold at the back of the room.

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