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People Who Are Not Nice

There are so many people who are not nice in the world nowadays. The world is changing. In the past, more people are trusting, more people are nice and helpful to each other. Nowadays, with all the crime and deception out there, it is hard to find people who are nice. The number of people who are not nice  outnumber the number of people who are nice or decent.

Where are the nice people?

In the world full of crime, theft, lawsuits, and ugly things, nice people often keep to themselves. Nice people may even seem unfriendly. Why? Because they need to protect themselves so that they are not taken advantaged of by people who are not nice. It is unlikely nowadays that you will find nice people on the street, when shopping or hanging out in public. Remember that the world has gotten much worse so nice people need to shield themselves from all the bad things in the world to remain nice. Therefore, while in the past, you may bump into nice people, strike an occasional conversation with someone on the street or while waiting in line somewhere, not anymore!

If you start a conversation that seems like a friendly conversation, nice people will stay away from you. Why? Because they have been in situations where they were friendly with strangers and ended up getting deceived, conned and scammed. Face it, nowadays if you want to know nice people, you cannot meet them randomly by chance in public! So, stop trying!

People Who Are Not Nice

How people who are not nice got they way they are

There are so many reasons for people to be nasty, mean and not nice in general. Some people do it on purpose while others mean no harm but they cannot stop themselves acting mean. Most of the people who are not nice in this world are stupid. But, bad for you, stupid people can be the most dangerous because they do things without thinking and don't usually care about the consequences. Other people who are not nice are masterminds. They plan the crime out to perfection to be mean to people.

The latter type of people who are not nice usually have purposes when they commit a crime or an act that is not nice. When these people strike, it probably means you have something they want and that they really want that thing from you, not from anyone else.

The former type of people who are not nice usually do mean things because they are themselves unhappy. Unhappiness usually make people mean. Imagine a person who is beaten up daily. He or she is likely to be mean to others as a way of taking it out on someone else so that others would feel like him or her (miserable). When you are abused daily, you often pass it on thinking abusing others is an ok thing to do. This is a very fundamental problem of society but it happens to more people than you think.