Life Lessons

Never Point

Point is very offensive in some culture. It is good manners to never point. You especially cannot point at a person. It is very rude. Sometimes if you accidentally point, the person you pointed at may overlook it but if you do it over and over, it will become unpleasant to ignore and the person will get offended or at least think you have bad manners, lack education, and have bad upbringing.

Some people are not taught that pointing is bad manners

In some countries, children are not taught good manners well and they grow up thinking pointing is ok. Whether they know it or not, people with good manners who see them pointing or being pointed at think lowly of them. However, most of these bad mannered people are impervious of how others think because those who look down upon them have so great manners that they wouldn't reveal their true feelings because it would be rude to tell another that he or she has just displayed bad manners.

Never point

Servers don't point

You will see that when a service class such as a server shows you your seat, they do not point but use their whole hand to let you know where your seat is or which direction you should go. In the past, people use to point at a direction to show you where you should go but nowadays servers are more trained to display excellent manners so you will not see people in classy restaurants point. However, you may still see servers in cheap restaurants point.

Avoid situations where you have to point

If you rarely use your hands, you will be likely to point less. This can reduce the occasions where you will forget and point. Also, whenever you feel the need to point, use your full hand instead. It is more polite.