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My Wife Treats Me Like a Child

Sometimes, a wife can take care of her husband too much that he feels like a child. So, what to do when my wife treats me like a child.

Why my wife treats me like a child?

The first thing to do is to determine why your wife treats you like a child. It could be that your wife did not have a good childhood and has always treated everybody like a child around her. In this case, it is not just you, your wife has a problem and you can help you get past it. What you can do is talk to your wife to try to help her understand that you would prefer to be treated like an adult without upsetting her. Good wives should understand and respect their husbands preferences.

Are you behaving like a child?


This is harder for a husband to admit but whenever someone is treated like a child, the chances are that person acts and behaves like a child. For example, if you watch too much TV or play video games, it could make your wife feel like you are just one of the kids and start treating you just as she would the kids. Before you talk to your wife and ask her to not treat you so much like a child, you should examine your behaviours.

My Wife Treats Me Like a Child

If, for example, you are behaving like a child, maybe you wife needs to treat you like a child such as to tell you to stop watching TV, stop watching video games, go to your room, start helping with chores, or help in the kitchen. Mothers often have to sacrifice alot of bring up her kids the best way she could. A husband often helps more than just bringing home money. If you are not helping with the kids or with things around the house, your wife could start treating you like a kid who do not feel the responsibility to help her.

Are you responsible?

A child often lacks responsibility and is expected to be less considerate and more selfish. A child does not know better to sacrifice his play time or preferences. If a husband starts being selfish, avoid his responsibilities, then your wife could start treating you like a child.

How to stop my wife from treating me like a child?

To stop your wife from treating you like a child, first you need to talk things through with her to find out what you are doing wrong that makes her treat you like a child. Then you need to stop doing whatever is bothering her and start taking some responsibilities to ease off her stress. Once your wife sees that you are no longer behaving like a child and won't tolerate being treated like a child anymore then she should come around and start treating you like an adult.