Life Lessons

Movie Lessons

One type of media that most people take for granted is movies. Most people think that movies is purely for entertainment. They will watch the movies, laugh, cry, get mad, etc, however, after the movies are done, they will just get back to their lives without taking in any lessons learned from those movies. This is a sad truth that is true for most people in the civilized world.

However, if you really watch the movies, you will find that there are many lessons to be learned from those movies. And, you won't just learn from those made for educational purposes movies such as the History Channel movies or National Geographic movies, you will learn from even Hollywood popular crime movies, horror movies, romantic movies and even Disney or Nickelodeon kids movies.

What if I don't get all the lessons in a movie?

Open your eyes, keep your mind wide open and start absorbing what you see in movies and learn the lessons to be learned from each and everything that you see. In each movie there are many lessons to be learned, some are obvious while others are up to interpretation. Different people will also learn different lessons from each movie.

Why should I learn anything from movies?

Don't worry if you don't get all the lessons to be learned. After all, if you don't get something in a movie, there is no consequences such as you won't fail an exam. However, if you don't learn from a movie that you just spend 1 and a half hour watching, then you are totally wasting your precious time. On the other hand, if you learn even one thing from that one and a half hour of watching the entertainment on TV or DVD, you won't have wasted the time -at least not totally.