Life Lessons

Making a Commitment for after a Vacation

While it is good to plan ahead, it is generally unwise to make a commitment that you cannot get out of for after a vacation, especially a long vacation that is likely to take your mind off work completely. Why? Below are the reasons why making a commitment for after a vacation or a long holiday can be unwise. The reasons below do not apply to short vacations or holidays that you still check your email or phone messages almost daily. In another word, we are only referring to vacations where you will be totally relaxing and not thinking of work most of the time.

The urge to plan

Most people who care about their work, including business owners, want to plan and set up meetings for when they come back from their vacation. However, planning and making a commitment are two different things. You should plan as much as possible. There is never enough to planning. However, plans can change and most meetings can be rescheduled. Just make sure that you are not making huge commitment that can have adverse impact on your image or your business if cancelled or postponed.

Circumstances can change

Below are some of the reasons why making a commitment that you cannot get out of happily for after your vacation is generally a bad idea.

  • You could be ill. Who knows what would happen on your vacation. You could catch a cold and become severely ill, thus making a grand presentation to an important client would be unwise so would rescheduling.
  • Your strategy could have changed. This applies to business owners more than employees. While on vacation, you could have come up with opportunities that you did not foresee and when you get back you may be dying to get on and pursue those opportunities instead of the ones you have committed and set up for yourself.


Vacation commitment

Relaxing on a good vacation usually clears people's mind and enables them to concentrate and see the big picture more fully. Again, cancelling or postponing could look bad for your image or business image. Instead of committing yourself, plan for what you should do after you get back from your vacation.