Life Lessons

Lessons with Movies

Many people frown at the thought of lessons with movies. After all movies have been known to do more harm than good and they are blamed for mistakes that people make. However, there are many lessons to be learned with movies. There are many movies made each year and you can choose to think of them as something useful and something that can be used in lessons.

Why lessons with movies?

Most people love good movies. Why? Because they are much more entertaining than just reading a book or watching a boring episode of whatever you are supposed to learn. If you can find lessons in movies, then you have a large selection of what to interest your students with.

Are movies the best source of my education?

Absolutely not. There are many different grades and types of movies. Perhaps the movies made solely for the purpose of educating kids will be the best source of their education and information. However, the majority of the movies out there are 'rubbish'. However, even rubbish movies, if you are willing to spend a portion of your day watching them, then you might as well try to gain something positive and helpful from them.

Aren't movies bad influence?

A glass is either half empty or half full. It is true that in the past two main types of people watch movies;

  1. Those who think nothing of movies since they are purely for entertainment, and
  2. Those who think that everything in movies are bad

Usually old movies are less 'bad' than newer Hollywood movies that tend to have a lot of shooting and people back stabbing each other. However, the majority of the world is already watching those movies and seeing all the negativities around. You can choose to make them see the positive lessons amid everything that seem to be destructive.