Life Lessons

Important Life Lessons

There are many important life lessons for anyone to learn. If you open your eyes, important life lessons are everywhere. You can learn important life lessons from movies, TV shows, soap operas, from your family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers to name a few. Sadly, most people do not pay enough attention to what they see or hear.

Learning important life lessons

For example, when you watch a movie, do you just laugh and enjoy what you see or do you digest each character's situation, find out what he or she did wrong and what you could have done better and then try to implement that in your life? If the answer is no then don't worry - most people don't. Most people watch a movie for pure entertainment. Many people remember funny jokes and can repeat them to their friends afterwards but not the important life lessons from the movie.

Why do people ignore important life lessons?

Most important life lessons are too painful and too hard to accept. You can sit and watch a character in a movie or read about a character in a book with an objective mind if it is nothing like your owns. However, if the plot of the movie is very similar to your own life, most people tune out all the important life lessons they could learn from watching that movie or reading that book.

The truth can be painful and most important life lessons are painful. However, if you ignore them, then they will always come back to haunt you and you will not be able to move on and get on with your life until you have accepted them and learn those important life lessons. By learning important life lessons that apply to you, you can avoid the mistakes that you have been making and move on to become happier and more successful.

How to learn important life lessons?

A very effective way to learn important life lessons is to experience them first then, digest the situation and learn what to do and not to do. If you cannot experience them, watching the story of someone else experiencing them or reading passionately (that means really get into the story) about them. Below are the steps you need to learn important life lessons.

  • Experience the situation or watch someone else experiencing it or read about their story. But, you MUST really get into the story as if it's your own life if you are watching or reading someone else's life story.
  • Analyze the situation and identify:
    • The problem
    • How you solved or deal with it
    • The results of your actions
    • What you should have done instead
    • How you can apply what you learn in other similar situations
    • What situations are categorized as 'similar situations'
    • Whenever those situations occur, test to see if you have applied what you have learned successfully. If not repeat the process.
  • Keep a journal of all of the above and keep practicing applying what you have learned.