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Husband Doesn't Love Wife

Many people marry without considering all options and consequences. A situation where a husband doesn't love his wife is common and vice versa. In some cities and countries, people marry when they are older, have had a career and have stable income whereas in others people marry for love, some marry because they are pregnant and some marry because it seems to be the right thing to do.

If you have not considered all the consequences which most young couples don't then you are more likely to be in the situation where your husband doesn't love you anymore.

What to do when a husband doesnt love wife anymore?
Husband Doesn't Love Wife

If you find out that your husband doesn't love you anymore, then here are your options:


  1. Try to make him love you again (rekindle the relationship)
  2. Communicate to find a solution for both of you and the kids (if you have any)
  3. Stay with him because of obligations (but must make it fair)
  4. Leave him
Can I make my husband love me again?

Sometimes you can but there are many times that you cannot. If you think your husband still loves you then you can try to compromise, treat him better, rekindle the relationship, be more accepting of him, and you can always talk to him to find out what you can do to make his life easier and him happier.

Communication is key. After all, a couple needs to be able to communicate with each other effectively. A couple is in a marriage team and you need to be able to consult your partner without keeping things from him. If he is not willing to communicate and he knows how important it is for you, then may be he doesn't love you after all.

Should I stay with a husband that doesn't love me?

Usually no. A wife is generally very unhappy when her husband doesn't love her and prefer to leave him and get a life of her own. However, sometimes, things make it better to stay with a husband who doesn't love you than leave him. However, whatever you do, you need to talk to him to find out if he would be willing to sacrifice the same to stay with you for the sake of the kids, for example. If not, then you will be very unhappy and would prefer to get a divorce.

How to leave a husband who doesn't love me?

The best way to deal with a husband who doesn't love you is to leave him. If you stay with him, you will be unhappy even if you think that it's better for the kids and it's a way to get back at him. If he is rich for example, you could stay with him for the money. However, life would not be nice for you and you should consider leaving him and get some divorce settlement instead. When you leave him, you can get a life of your own. It is scary at first to be on your own but many people do it everyday and you can too.