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Your Husband Hates You

Sometimes, you may wonder if your husband hates you or not. Different people have different definitions of what love is and how they show their love and it is not uncommon to wonder if your husband hates you when he does certain things that can be classified as hatred.

How to tell if your husband hates you?

For different persons, there are different signs that will tell you that there is a possibility that your husband hates you.

your husband hates you

 You can tell these signs easier if you know how he is and what he was like when he loved you. For example, when you first got married, did he act differently in the same situation.

People do change over time, though, and it may not mean your husband does not love you any  more or that your husband hates you.

Signs that your husband hates you

When your husband hates you, he will not care about you or your feelings in the slightest. There is a big difference between your husband no longer loves you and your husband hates you. He may have lost the love he once felt for you but it may not mean he hates you. If he simply falls out of love with you or has found another women, then he usually will not hate you unless you have done something to turn him from lacking love for you to hatred and vengeance.

Watching out for signs of hatred

When someone hates you, they will either want to just get away from you or they can actually plot things they can do to hurt you. If your husband is smart and he hates you, then he will just take whatever he wants out of the relationship and leave you with nothing and never give it a second thought of what you might feel or how his actions might affect your life. Husbands that hate wives usually take all of the money, possessions (house, car, electronics, etc.) If he takes everything without asking you or making sure that you have enough, then it is likely that he hates you. Sometimes, his hatred feelings towards you can run deeper and he would actually plan to do something hurtful on purpose to you. This can lead to violence and crime. If your husband has a tendency to commit crime or get violent, then you should be careful and call he police if needed.