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I Think I Hate My Husband

There are many women that say 'I think I hate my husband' so if you are one of them, then you are not alone. Things do change, especially love and most of the time, women married for love and expect their husbands to love them more as time goes on. However, many men married without actually falling in love and as time passes, they find something else that they love more than the women they married. So, there are reasons why wives would say that I think I hate my husband.

What to do if I think I hate my husband?

No women want to have failed marriages and most women want to love their husbands, have good families, and many children. However, sometimes, husbands can make it hard for them to love and have a wonderful life.

There are two ways why women would think they hate their husbands.

i think i hate my husband
  1. The husband changes the way he is after marriage
  2. They discover that the husband is not what they thought he is.

I think I hate my husband because he changes

Many people change after a while. Sometimes, it takes years for a husband to change the way he is but other times it only takes days or months. Your husband can started off loving you but as time passes he finds out that he has other passions or get bored of his life with you so he acts differently.

I think I hate my husband because he is different from what I thought he was

There are many couples that split up because one of the parties turned out not to be like he or she was before marriage. There are many people who want to get married so badly for some reasons that they would do anything to get married to the person they want to get married to. However, once the wedding ceremony is over, they feel like they have accomplished the task and no longer try to be nice.

The problem is that, for example, is a boyfriend acted all romantic just because he wanted to woo a woman and marry her, he could pretend to be romantic and nice whereas he is not at all usually. However, the woman may not know what he is usually like because every time she sees him, he is all nice and romantic. False pretense plays a major role in breakups and divorces.