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I Love My Husband But I Hate His Drinking

Many wives say 'I love my husband but I hate his drinking'. Unfortunately, many men have drinking problems. Some of them are better than others and recognize their problems and would do whatever it takes to solve the problems. Others are not so grateful that they have loving wives and could not care less about solving their drinking problems.

If you find yourself saying I love my husband but I hate his drinking, then you are one of a large group of women that feel the same way. Unfortunately, many men have drinking problems.

What to do if I love my husband but I hate his drinking problem?

i love my husband but i hate his drinking

Some women think that they should put up with drunk husband but there are several good ways to putting up with the problem that may even help him solve his problem and cure him.

First of all, never suggest any approval or say good things about his drinking.

Even when you are putting up with his drinking, you must make it obvious that you do not like it and would prefer if he did not have the problem.

You can try discussing with him about his problem and see if he is open to going to AA meetings or getting help elsewhere. There are many groups and clinics to help people with drinking problems. Your husband just have to be open minded and want to help himself to get helped. Many people go to the AA meetings or consult people to get rid of the problem but their heart is not in it and soon they will start drinking again or go drinking without telling anyone.

There are times, however, when enough is enough. If after trying to help your husband in every way you can and he is not behaving like he is also helping himself, then may be there is nothing you or anyone can do for him. You may have to give him space, leave him for a while to see if he gets better. Sometimes they do but other times they do not. You have to come to term with the fact that he may not get better and it is best that you go separate was.