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I Hate My Drunk Husband

Many people say 'I hate my drunk husband'. Alcohol is a major reason for breakups or divorces. If a husband is alcoholic and the wife is not, then she is not likely to be able to put up with him if he does not stop drinking or getting severely drunk. Many people say I hate my drunk husband immediate after an incidence or if he has been drunk over and over.

Signs of a drunk husband

i hate my drunk husband

Usually, a drunk husband is not acting like a husband or a good husband should be. A drunk husband usually:

  • neglects his wife,
  • spends all of his and her money on alcohol,
  • comes back home late
  • never calls if he was going to be late
  • would rather spend time drinking than spending time with his family (wife and kids)
  • refuses to do any chores
  • disappears regularly whenever he has a chance to get some beer or alcohol
  • comes home drunk, disoriented, collapses on the floor and in some cases vomits all over the floor or other things in the house
  • laughs at the family's pain
  • ignores any complaints
  • verbally abuses wife and kids
  • physically abuses wife and kids
  • steals money or anything of value from his own family to buy alcohol
  • steals money from others (committing crime) to get money to buy alcohol
  • gambles to get more money for alcohol
  • lies to wife and kids about where he is, where he gets his money, that he spent it all on getting drunk
  • hangs out in cheap drinking bars
  • does not think straight
  • cheats on wife
  • misses work in the morning
  • can easily get fired
  • rejects all reasons
  • does not care about anything else but getting drunk
  • repeats all bad things done again and again without regarding to wife, kids, job and family