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Does My Husband Hate Me?

When husbands are nasty to wives, wives often ask 'does my husband hate me?' There are many clues and warning signs that your husband should have shown to you over time that you can use to answer the question 'does my husband hate me' or 'does my husband still love me'. A common problem is that most people want to believe in good things and think positive when it comes to relationship and they ignore the clues that their husbands may hate them.

Should I wonder does my husband hate me?

If you are unhappy in your marriage, then it is natural to wonder if your husband hates you. After all, there must be reasons why you might think that he hates you. Whether it is true or not, you cannot remain happy in the relationship if you bottle it up and wonder by yourself. You need to solve the problems and find out if your husband loves you or hates you or if he does not care about you so that you can decide your course of action.

does my husband hate me

Should I ask my husband if he hates me?

Whether you should confront your husband and just ask him a straight question whether he hates you or still loves you depends on:

  1. the kind of person he is and
  2. your relationship with him.

If your husband has a tendency to get violent, hit you, hold a grudge against you, or lie and cover up, for examples, then there is no point asking him. You will only make things worse if you asked if he hated you or even if he still loved you. For some people, it only takes a keyword, a questions, or a suggestion to set them off and make them turn against you. After all, some people have severe mental issues that you might not know about when you first met them or got married to them. If you think that there is a chance, even the slightest chance that things could get worse, do not confront him about your feelings.

In some relationships, you can be totally honest with your husband. He may be reasonable, fair or logical and will have enough respect for your and his marriage to you to be honest with you. However, if your husband has lied to you before, then it is likely that he will not be honest when you ask things such as if he still loved you or if he hated you.