Life Lessons

How to manipulate someone

There are many movies that demonstrate how to manipulate someone whether it be how to manipulate a man, how to manipulate a women, how to manipulate a certain group of people, and so forth. You can watch different movies and see how to manipulate someone so that if someone were to use the same manipulative tactics on you, you will know and won't fall for them. Knowledge is power and knowing how to manipulate someone will help you not to be used and manipulated by someone else.

Every time someone finds out he or she is manipulated, it hurts. So, learn about different ways to manipulate someone and be wise.

Today's movie about manipulation and deception is a movie called The Shape of Things. You can buy it using the link below. The movie is rated R so it is not for everyone as with most of the movies with twisted manipulations.

How to manipulate someone

The Shape Of Things