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How to Turn a Dorky Girl to Beautiful Girl

How to Turn a Dorky Girl to Beautiful Girl is a common question from girls who think they are dorky and want to be just like other beautiful girls at school. Most of the time, dorky girls who want to turn to a beautiful girls are conscientious of their dorkiness and are embarrassed by it. Being outcast by society, they turn into a recluse.

Turning a dorky girl into a beautiful girl

In Sydney White, the Kappa pledges wanted to turn to real Kappa girls because they are supposed to be the coolest girls and the most beautiful. However, Sydney White collects comic books, doesn't know how to dress, doesn't know how to do her hair and her dad was a plumber so she was more like a dork than a Kappa pledge, beautiful, cool, prom queen type girl. Sydney White, at first, tried very hard to fit in to become one of the Kappa girls even thought she felt that she did not have much in common with them.

Like some children who were raised by wolves, Sydney White was raised by construction men. Her dad was a plumber working on construction sites most of the time. Her mom died when she was 9 so Sydney was brought up more like a boy than a girl. Sydney also has a scholarship to maintain so she had to study unlike most pledges.

Ways to turn a dorky girl to a beautiful girl

In the beginning of Sydney White, Sydney tried to change herself into a beautiful girl. Here are some of the ways you can do to turn a dorky girl into a beautiful girl. The first thing to do to turn a dorky girl to a beautiful girl is to have her be accepted by beautiful girls. Then you can change her appearances such as her hair, skin, eyebrows, and weight.

Should I turn a dorky girl into beautiful girl?

As seen in Sydney White, dorky girl (Sydney) gets the prince, the friends, to be the president of the student council, the scholarship, and everything while the beautiful girl (Rachel Witchburn) gets nothing in the end. It is not important to be a beautiful girl, although most girls want to be beautiful, it is what is inside that counts. You can be dorky however you like and still be the most loved and most popular girl at school. In fact, in Sydney White, it was proved that most people are somewhat dorky in their own ways. You can buy Sydney White DVD cheap here.

How to Turn a Dorky Girl to Beautiful Girl