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How to Stop Yourself from Saying Stupid Things

There are many occasions when you might say stupid things and wish you know how to stop yourself from saying stupid things. For some people it is natural not to say stupid things but for others it is natural to say stupid things. Whether you are the kind of person who often says stupid things or not depends largely on your upbringing. If you were well trained to not say stupid things and to think before saying anything from childhood then you will grow up to be a person who does not say stupid things or who knows how to stop yourself from saying stupid things.

The problem occurs when you often say stupid things as a kid and your parents or people around you encouraged you to say more stupid things because it made them laugh (either with you or at you). A child who wants attention from parents or teachers or any adults may say stupid things on purpose. If the gets him or her the attention he or she needs then the child will find more ways to do or say more stupid things so that he or she will get even more attention.

If you have practised getting attention by saying stupid things as a child, then the skills of saying stupid things will be with you when you grow up. And, when you realize that saying stupid things actually hurt your life, your work and grown up people around you, you want to stop. However, with years and years of practice at saying stupid things, you will find that it is very hard to stop yourself from saying stupid things before you say them.

How to stop saying stupid things


Since it is so natural for you to say stupid things, you need to make particular effort to think before you speak. Most of the time you say stupid things because you don't think before you speak. Rather, you say the first thing you could think of in an almost automatic response and that thing turns out to be stupid thing to day.

So, if you can pause a moment before you say anything at any time to think about if it makes sense to say what you are about to say, then you will likely stop yourself from saying stupid things.

How to Stop Yourself from Saying Stupid Things

As you pause and think before you speak, you should think about the purpose of what you are about to say. Does what you are about to say have a purpose? What is the purpose? What is it intended for? Will anyone get offended? What will they think of you if you say what you are about to say?

Don't Joke!

If you know how to joke properly then by all means do joke, it does brighten up most conversations. However, if you are reading how to stop yourself from making stupid mistakes or how to stop yourself from saying stupid things then some of your jokes did not work as intended. The cure to that is to not joke! It is better to appear to be a conservative person than a clown if you don't want to be laughed at. There are always situations when jokes are not appropriate and you need to be smart to know when you can and cannot joke or you will end up saying inappropriate things or stupid things.