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How to Stop Making Stupid Mistakes

Most people make stupid mistakes sometime in their lives. Some people know how to stop making stupid mistakes while others have no clue. They key to knowing how to stop making stupid mistakes is to recognize what stupid mistakes are in the first place. After all you cannot stop something if you don't even know what it is. Fortunately, stupid mistakes can be avoided quite effectively if you know what to watch out for. How to stop making stupid mistakes is different for different people since different people make different stupid mistakes.

How to stop doing stupid mistakes at work

How to stop doing stupid mistakes at work is by far the most asked question because making stupid mistakes hurt the job and your career and could get you fired. So, it is important to stop making stupid mistakes at work especially if attention to detail is a critical part of your job. Say, you are a cashier, then you cannot make stupid mistakes because you are dealing with money and an employer never likes losing money. When you are at work, pay particular attention to what you are doing to stop yourself from doing stupid mistakes.

When you make stupid mistakes


How to Stop Making Stupid Mistakes

Most people make stupid mistakes when they are not concentrating. You may start off concentrating but then your mind will drift and for a brief moment you may not be thinking about what you are doing and that is when most people make stupid mistakes at work. After all, most people find their jobs boring and they would rather be elsewhere than at the job so it is not difficult for someone to day dream at work.

Harder to stop stupid mistakes

The harder to stop kind of stupid mistakes occur when you are concentrating but you really don't know that what you are doing is a stupid mistake. This is about common sense and if you are someone who lacks common sense then what you do may be considered stupid and your boss may call it stupid mistake but in fact it is not a mistake at all. You did it consciously - you just did not know better. This is a harder problem to fix. If you have had this problem in the past where what you think make sense turns out to be a stupid thing to do, then you should always verify whatever you are about to do with your superior, your manager, your supervisor or your boss. If you are someone with this problem, then make sure that what you do is not your idea but an approved idea by your boss or something of higher authority than you. If you don't have common sense, then don't trust yourself, ask others to give you ideas and help you decide.