Life Lessons

How to Stop Being Stupid

There are many times in your life that you might want to know how to stop being stupid. Whenever you do stupid things or make stupid mistakes, you get aggravated and mad at yourself for doing them, especially when those stupid things your work or people you love.

How to Stop Being Stupid

Sometimes, you need to know how to stop doing stupid mistakes at work, other times you need to know in general how to stop acting stupid or how to stop yourself from saying stupid things. Knowing how to stop yourself from making stupid mistakes, doing stupid things or saying stupid things will help you stop feeling stupid and build confidence overall.

Below are some ways and things you can do to stop being stupid, saying stupid things, making stupid mistakes and acting stupid.

  1. stop interrupting when others are talking


  2. stop assuming


  3. stop asking questions without thinking first


  4. always think before you speak


  5. always consider others' feelings before you talk


  6. stop being lazy


  7. stop justifying


  8. stop blaming


  9. stop making excuses


  10. stop being distracted


  11. focus on the task at hand


  12. try harder


  13. get more healthy sleep


  14. eat healthier foods with lots of protein and other food groups


  15. learn how to trust people you should trust without letting assumptions get in the way


  16. always think about what happens next or what's the result


  17. learn how to meditate properly

Before you speak, you should find a reason. Be prepared to answer any question of "what purpose does it serve to say/ask that".