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How to Deal with Humiliation

There are many situations in life that people have to deal with humiliation, sometimes public humiliation and other times it can just be mental humiliation where no one else knows about it but you. When people are humiliated, especially publicly, they almost always feel extremely embarrassed and want to run away and hide. Some people want to kill themselves, jump off the cliff or do whatever it takes to never have to face another human being ever again. Well, needless to say this is not a good way to deal with humiliation.

Natural reactions to humiliation

You see people being humiliated all the time in movies. Most of them break down, cry, and then run away as quickly as possible. This is a natural reaction to humiliation. It takes a very strong person to be able to stand up to the person that does the humiliating and keep cool about it.

How to Deal with Humiliation

How did Sydney White deal with humiliation?

In Sydney White, Sydney was publicly humiliated on a stage on one of what she thought was the most important day of her life.


How to Deal with Humiliation

She was not prepared to be embarrassed and was very shocked when Rachel Witchburn (aka the Evil Queen) announced that she was a cheater, liar and had to be dismissed as a Kappa pledge.

She also made humiliating comments about Sydney's dad and her mom who passed away 9 years ago. Sydney was very shocked, humiliated and felt that her dreams were stripped away. How did Sydney deal with this humiliation? Most people (most girls) would have just break down, cry on the stage in front of all those people, and then run away as fast as they could, cry all night and try to not see or talk to anyone the next day or until the story has died down. Not Sydney. Sydney White bravely stood up and faced Rachel Witchburn with courage. Watch Sydney White on DVD.