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How to Deal with Cheaters

It's very annoying when you have to deal with cheaters or people who do not play fair. So, how to deal with cheaters? There are smart ways to deal with cheaters and there are stupid ways to deal with cheaters that will make the situation worse more than likely. By analyzing movies with cheaters in them, you can learn a lot about how to deal with cheaters in different situations.

There are cheaters in sports, cheaters in tests, spouses cheating and many other types of cheaters. We will refer to examples in one film in particular, Daddy Day Camp starring Cuba Gooding Jr.

The wrong way of dealing with cheaters

Most people get very angry and annoyed at cheaters that they confront them or revealing publicly that they were cheaters. While this may work in some cases, in most cases, it is your words against thiers and it is up to the people to choose whom to believe. More than likely half of the people will believe you (the honest one) and the other half believe in the cheater (the dishonest one). If that were the case, then the cheater won because he or she cheated and got exactly the same thing (half the trust) that you, an honest person, got.

The right way of dealing with cheaters

The only way to deal with cheaters is by outsmarting them. Don't bother ranting on and on about how they cheated because it would make you look bad in the eyes of the people (not the cheater). If you say someone cheated, then you are the aggressor making accusations which could backfire on yourself.

How to Deal with Cheaters

Instead, try to think of ways to outsmart cheaters. You don't have to cheat to outsmart cheaters. Unfortunately, this requires thinking on the spot and acting on ideas which is hard for most people. However, you must believe in yourself. You must believe, not only that you can win, but that you can outsmart all cheaters. Think outside the box. Be strong. Don't be discouraged when you lose to cheaters because you did not really lose - they cheated.

In the movie Daddy Day Camp, the other camp, Camp Canola, cheated in all sporting events. The kids were losing hope. Then Buck showed them how they could outsmart the other team using things they have and turning their weaknesses into advantages. The movie showed that if you work together as a team, you will come up with ways to outsmart even cheaters.


While the dad in the movie was hung up on exposing to everyone that the other camp leader was a cheater, his son did not give up. While his dad was all about accusing the other guy, the son was all about playing the game and winning. Cheaters eventually got what they deserved. In this movie, there are wrong ways of dealing with cheaters and the right ways. There are also cowardly way of dealing (or not dealing) with bullies and cheaters.

Daddy Day Camp movie with cheaters