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How to Become Popular

There is a large percentage of the population that has a need to be popular. At school, especially, kids are often striving to become the most popular kids in school. Why? Because commercialism tell us that popular kids are cool. Popular kids have their ways whereas kids who don't fit in get bullied and have things taken from them.

The popular girls

In Sydney White, there were the Greeks run by Rachel Witchburn, President of the School, played by Sara Paxton. Rachel Witchburn is superficial, blonde, snobbish, and goes around the school as if she owns the school and leaves nothing for the rest of the students who are not Greeks, the minorities and those who do not fit in. She is also president of Kappa, queen of the road. Basically she is the most popular girl in school. There is even this website (aka Magic Mirror) that ranks her #1 as the fairest of them all.

How to become popular?

Most geeks, dorks and losers at school try to gain some popularity by being nice and slave to the cool and popular kids. However this never turned out well as you often see in movies. The dorky kids can keep giving the popular kids stuff but at the end of the day, the dorky kids were just used and they are often worse off than not.

In the case of Sydney White, she was trying to follow her mom's footsteps. She did not try or want to become popular. However, she tried to fit in and become a Kappa.

How to Become Popular

When you watch Sydney White the movie, you will realize that being blonde, beautiful, slim and president of the student council who runs the school is not necessarily the most popular thing. Sydney White (Amanda Bynes) was fat (fatter than Rachel Witchburn), goofy, geeky, dorky, uglier (matter of perspective), hangs out with dorks, studies all the time in the library, plays sports rather than cheerleads was actually more popular than Rachel Witchburn (Sara Paxton). Buy cheap Sydney White DVD here.