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How can I Tell if He really Loves Me

Sign #3 that he loves me: He sacrifices for me

Love is about happiness and also sacrifice. When two people come together, they need to work in a team, compromise and sacrifice. If your man sacrifices alot for you, then you can tell that he really loves you. There are many ways he could sacrifice such as sacrificing his friends who did not get along with you, sacrificing his other hobbies to find new activities you could do together, sacrificing his needs and try to accommodate yours first.

Sign #4 that he loves me: He works hard to be with me


how can i tell if he loves me

A romance based on convenience often does not last. If a man loves you then he will work hard to be with you. If he gives up because you are too hard for him to please or he feels that it is too much work to make you love him then he is not working hard to be with you and years from now he will find someone else more convenient.

This is no an uncommon way. It's human psychology, if you work hard to get something, then you will treasure it much more and think it is much more precious than if you were to get it for free. Note that romancing you with flowers or wine does not mean he works hard, he could have just gotten his secretary to pick up the flowers and he could be just rich enough to drink wine to impress girls. You need to find out what are hard for him to do and if he does them, then he probably really loves you.

Sign #5 that he loves me: He treats me like a princess

Every girl wants to be treated like a princess even if they are not into Disney movies. Girls that are treated like a princess will feel loved and special. And, it takes a man who loves her very much to treat her like a princess. The man would basically worship the woman, without bowing to her every second. If you can feel fulfilled and special from head to toe because of what your man does, then he probably really loves you.

Sign #6 that he loves me: He thinks you are the most beautiful person in the world

This is very important. If he loves you then he will think you are the most beautiful woman, at least to him and he would say so regularly. Women need reassurances and if a man truly loves you and he knows that you love to hear him say then he would always tell you. There are signs to tell if he really loves you or he is just saying that you are pretty so that you would stick around. If you go out in public, does he always check out other pretty girls? or does he only look at you and even turn away from girls who might flirt with him? When watching movies with pretty girls being seductive, does he turn away and just look at you? Most guys don't but if your man does, then he really loves you.

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