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How can I Tell if He really Loves Me

Love is a strange and powerful thing. Almost everyone is looking for love because love leads to happiness and everyone seeks happiness. A woman often wonders "how can I tell if he really loves me?" There are signs that show that a man loves a women. However, when you are too close to someone and desperately want them to love you, you are often blind and what seems like it would be common sense is no longer easy to see. Below are some ways you can tell if your man really loves you. Signs that a man loves a woman are a little different from signs that a woman loves a man.

How can I Tell if He really Loves Me?

First of all there are many levels of love. A man who does not know how to love can love a woman with all of his heart but since his heart is small, he will not appear as if he loves the woman at all. So, the perfect match for a man with a small heart or selfish person would be a woman, also with a small heart and selfish.

How can I Tell if He really Loves Me

Sign #1 that he loves me: He cares about me

The first sign that he really loves you is that he cares for you. Care is not the same as providing food, warmth, shelter or even shopping money. Care is about how a man looks after his woman even when she is not looking or knowing that he is caring for her. There are many types of care such as care for your safety (example below), care for your feelings, care for your comfort, etc.

For example, when you are in a sticky, awkward, or dangerous situation, does your man always look at you to make sure that you are ok? It is easy for a man to worry about himself or his car or else when in a sticky or dangerous situation but he really loves you if you are the first thing that comes to his mind in a dangerous situation.

Sign #2 that he loves me: He puts me first

Depending on the man's upbringing he may be trained to put his mom and dad, brothers or sisters, or even his dogs before his wife. Some men grow in families where wives were not treated more like slaves than treasures. You know he really loves you if every time something happens, he puts you, your feelings and your needs first. Little things such as picking movies you want to watch, rather than ones he wants to watch or ones that his friends want to watch count. When in public, does he look at you often to make sure that you are ok? or do his eyes wonder around looking for other things? When deciding things, does he always consider your feeling first, ask you first before he asks anyone else?

Some people think that by putting a woman first, it makes them less like a man. But, people who really love each other always put the ones they love first.

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