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How can I Tell if He Still Loves Me

Sign #3 that he still loves me: He is happy to see me again

Most men who have moved on and are in love with someone else will not be happy to see their ex- again. Why? because the memory was probably a hurtful memory for them plus they would get into trouble with their new girl right now. So, a man who has moved on and don't want to jeopardize his new relationship would not be happy to see you or get together with you. He would prefer to forget that he ever was head over heel in love with someone and it did not work out. Besides most new women don't want their men hanging out ex-flames.

Sign #4 that he still loves me: He doesn't want to introduce me to his new girl or wife


If a man has moved on totally and no longer has feelings for you and has a total trust with his new girl or wife, then he would likely want to introduce you to his new girl so that he is honest with his new love upfront. On the other hand, if he has something to hide such as that he still loves or has feelings for you that he know his new girl would get jealous, then he would prefer to keep his meetings and conversations with you secret.

How can I Tell if He Still Loves Me

That is a sign that he and his new girl don't share everything and keep secrets from each other, so you have a chance of winning him back.

Sign #5 that he still loves me: He helps me too much (went above and beyond to help me)

If a man has moved on and don't have feelings for you then he is likely to say "hello" to you if he ever meets you again and be on his way. However, if you ask him for help, a man who totally has moved on would be less likely to help you any more than he would help his other "less close" friends. However, if he went above and beyond to help you, treating you like a long lost friend, then he probably still loves you. You can find out what he would do to help an ordinary friend and compare what he is doing to help you with that to see if she still loves you.

Sign #6 that he still loves me: He laughs a lot when he is with me

Usually once a man has chosen a love of his life (the new girl) he would avoid old girlfriends. But if this man likes to hang out with you, talk to you, confide in you, meet with you often because he is happy to be around you, you bring the good man out of him and you make him happy, then whether he knows it or not, he still loves you. If the man laughs alot when he is with you then you have the ability to make him laugh the way no one else could and he would eventually know that you complete him and that he prefers to be with you and still loves you.

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