Life Lessons

How to Not Be Stupid

If you are wondering how to not be stupid or how to not act stupid, then you are ahead of a lot of stupid people. Most people who are stupid, act stupid, talk stupid, or behave in stupid ways are not born stupid - oddly enough. But, they were raised to act, think and be stupid whether they realized it or not. Below are some tips on how not to be stupid.

Verify information and quote the source

Part of a very stupid trait is to be gullible and believe anything and everything anyone says or tells you. If someone says it's sunny and you don't look out of the window, then you stand a chance of looking stupid. For example, if someone then asks you if it was sunny and you never looked outside or check the weather forecast and you say it is, then people may think you are stupid. A lot of the time, you can appear stupid by not checking facts and can avoid acting and feeling stupid by merely checking your facts.

Rule of Thumb: when someone tells you something:

  • hold the information in the category of 'to be verified'
  • if you have not verified the information, then it is just 'speculation' to you and you should never ever repeat it to anyone without a side note of where your source is. If you don't remember your source then you should indicate that the information has not been verified by using simple words such as:
    • It could be
    • Some people say it is, etc
  • if you have had time to search and verified the information, then you can be more confident about the information but to not be stupid, you should always:


How to quote my source if I don't remember the source?

In the case of whether it is sunny or not, you can just look out of the window and see if the sun is shining. If it is, you can say:

  • "it's sunny where I am" and not just "it's sunny" because you have not checked and verified all over the globe if it is sunny everywhere. All you know is that it is sunny where you looked.
If you don't know, admit it

In the past, people used to think that if you don't know something then you are stupid. Nowadays the opposite is true. If you don't know something, then it's likely that someone will find out sooner or later and by admitting that you don't know right now but you can find out the answer shows that you are smart rather than stupid.