Life Lessons


Most people seek happiness in life. For the human race, the ultimate success in life is to be happy. Without happiness, nothing has meaning. Happiness can be found in many places and can take many forms. For some people, happiness is work, for others happiness is to see their children grow up and become successful, for many happiness is to see their loved ones healthy and happy. Different people have different versions of happiness. But, there is one thing in common - they all seek happiness.

What does happiness mean to you?

Nothing has meaning and there is no need to work, live, or stay healthy if there is no happiness. You need to figure out for yourself what happiness is to you. It doesn't matter what happiness means to anyone else - for you to live a life, you need to know what happiness is to you. For example, happiness can mean staying healthy, happiness can mean going on vacation every month, happiness can mean getting a yacht, or happiness can have deeper meaning such as seeing your loved ones happy and taking care of your loved ones.