Life Lessons
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Gifts of Life: a Series of Gifts in the Ultimate Gift

Below are the series of gifts that were given to Jason Stevens. All of these gifts changed Jason's life but he did not know it at the time. There are twelve gifts in total in the series of gifts.

1) Gift or Work (Knowing how to work hard)

Jason had to work manual labor for months, being a slave to the ranch owner who was a good friend of his grandfather. Jason had never worked a day in his life. He was born into privilege and never had to worry about money. However, not having to work made Jason lazy and when he needed to be accountable and responsible for something he could not. After working hard labor job for months, Jason learned that if he put his mind to it, he could do anything.

2) Gift of Money (Knowing the value of money)

Jason was born into a wealthy family. He never had to deal with having no money or no credit. Most people who never encountered poverty don't understand how the majority of the world act. Most people cannot eat at fancy restaurants everyday. You won't appreciate money that you have until you don't have it any more. Jason needed to learn the value of money and the way he was forced to learn is by having money taken from him. Millionaires who work hard all their lives to make their fortunes don't spend superfluous because they know the value of money and know how hard it is to make the money they have.

3) Gift of Friends (Having real friends)

Most people, even successful people, go through life having no real friends. They usually don't know that they don't have real friends until they fall in hard times and their friends desert them. When you are having an up time, you will have plenty of friends willing to share your fortune. These friends might even stick around in your time of need if it suits them. However, when you really need help, how many friends will help you the way you need help? Most people will help you the way they want to help but they wouldn't sacrifice much to help you. And, if you need too much help, then they might just leave you alone altogether. In your time of need, you usually find out real fast who your friends are.

In the Movie, the Ultimate Gift, Jason had to find a true friend in a month. He called all his good friends including a girl he was in a serious relationship with. However, no one wanted to know him when he was broke and needed some money or a place to stay. He became a homeless man and slept on a park bench. A young girl called Emily befriended him even though he had nothing to give back. However, Jason did not know the meaning of true friendship and let Emily down after he has used her as a friend.

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