Life Lessons

Don't go to MLM meetings

Home based business is becoming more and more popular each day. In your town, there are likely to be plenty of network marketing opportunities or direct sale opportunities or MLM opportunities. Most of them will offer you incentives to go. Some of these incentives are very attractive such as free giveaways, free vouchers, free gifts, and more. And, who wouldn't like to make extra money?

A lot of people get trapped into MLM business opportunities when they go to MLM meetings. These MLM meetings will be hyped up so much that you are likely to get very excited at the end of them. Also, you will meet many people in that business - some are very successful and will tell you stories of how you too can become successful, get free cars, free holidays, free vacations and win tons and tons of awards on top of the 6 digit figure money you will be making. If you are new to MLM business models, it is hard to say no to them.

Is everyone successful at the MLM business?

The nature of MLM businesses is that the more people you have in your group, the more money you make. So, even if you are not making much money, you are likely to say that you are and that the products are so great. Why? If you don't then no one would join your team and you will not make any money. So, when you attend an MLM meeting, remember that not everyone in that room who say they are making good money is really making good money. But, they all have one objective - to sign you up as their downline member!

While you should note that if an MLM business is really what you want and that you have carefully thought it through, then there is no reason why you shouldn't go to an MLM meeting. However, for the rest of the people who are 'just looking' for good opportunities, here are the reasons why you wouldn't want to go to MLM meetings.

  • You will open yourself up to multiple sale pitches a second, whether you are aware of it or not.
  • All MLM persons are there to sign you up and most of the time they will exaggerate the benefits and ease of how to make money with the business opportunity they are presenting.
  • There will be so much hype in the room that you will be drawn into signing up with that MLM business opportunity. Most of the time, people scratch their head afterward wondering why they signed up.
  • MLM businesses are very difficult to make money with if you don't have access to good friends, family, neighbors or colleagues who are willing to help you. However, at MLM meetings, they are likely to say 'anyone can do it'. And, you may be one of those who buy into that concept.
  • Bear in mind that many of the people you talk to at MLM meetings will not be in that business 6 months or less from now.
  • Pressure selling! - When you attend an MLM business meeting, trade shows, MLM events or orientation meeting, there are likely to be pressure selling tactics at play. That means, they will offer you deals, discounts, gifts, freebies, etc... for you to join today! Many people end up joining an MLM business they later fail at because of this tactic. Sadly pressure selling tactics are heavily used and are supposed to be great for sale. But, pressure selling is very bad for buyers who end up buying things they don't need or want.