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Amanda Bynes as Sydney White

In Sydney White the movie, young comedian actress Amanda Bynes stars as Sydney White. Amanda Bynes has a string of comedies on her resume, so far all are made for the younger crowd and children. The Sydney White movie is rated PG 13.

About Sydney White the Movie

In the Sydney White movie, Amanda Bynes portrays the modern day Snow White who wanted badly to join the Kappa Phi Nu where her mom was a legend. However, Sydney White was too dorky to fit in and she was more fair and interesting than the president of the Kappa Phi Nu, Rachel Witchburn played by Sara Paxton, so she was singled out and eventually publicly humiliated as she was dismissed from being a Kappa pledge.

About Amanda Bynes as Sydney White

If you are an Amanda Bynes fan or don't get too annoyed watching Amanda Bynes acting dorky, then Sydney White is a fun movie to watch. Amanda Bynes definitely put on weight in this movie. If you are used to seeing the incredibly thin Amanda Bynes, be prepared to see the refreshing and fat (fatter) Amanda Bynes as Sydney White. She actually looks better in this movie than she did in others. In Love Wrecked, Amanda Bynes was a stick, incredibly thin.

About Sydney White, the modern day Snow White

Sydney White is courageous, funny, smart and pretty. Sydney White has it all but in a less conventional way, in a way a dorky way. Sydney White was raised by a bunch of construction workers so she was raised to be strong and tough like a man (which is befitting for Amanda Bynes who also starred in She is The Man where she played herself and her brother). Her courage won her the prince, Tyler Prince, because Tyler was actually a smart and nice guy, not superficial like many other Beta guys at school.

The first time Tyler say Sydney, she saved a dork from being hit by a football and threw it back at the quarterback. She was different from other girls whom he knew only to care about their looks, hair, what they wear and nails. Sydney actually used her brain, thinks, and seems to pay little attention to how she looks.

Amanda Bynes Sydney White