Life Lessons

Always Research

If there is one thing you should learn in life, then always doing research comes close to being the top bill. Whenever an information is given to you, you must not truly believe that it is true but think that it may or may not be true. Then you must go and do your own independent research to form an opinion on the matter for yourself. If you have not done all of that, then you should never repeat that info to anyone as if it were true. All you can say about that unverified information is that 'someone once told me that ... but I don't know for sure'. Do no vouch for the veracity of a piece of information unless you have verified it for yourself.

Why is it important to always research?

A lot of people go through life being lazy and never do the research themselves. At school, for example, kids can ask teachers and parents questions and then take what they are told for granted as truth or they can go and verify what they have learned. Kids that 'tap' into the knowledge of the teachers or parents will end up 'stupid' because let's face it parents and teachers don't know everything. They are not experts in every field. However, if you do the research yourself online or using books or by asking as many other experts in the field as possible, you are likely to find out the truth.

Who are the experts?

Some people are so lazy that they would be content asking their parents or any adults or anyone who seem to know what they are talking about. However, looks can be deceiving. Salesmen, for example, seem like they know what they are talking about when they try to sell you used cars but the fact is that they are putting on an act to get you to do something. Therefore, you can never judge is someone knows something for real unless you have yourself verified.

For someone to be an expert in a field, that person has to spend most of his or her life working on that field day in and day out. A research scientist, for example, who has studied the same bacteria for 30 years can be called an expert when it comes to that particular bacteria. However, even though he or she may have a phD in medical science, if your questions are about other bacteria, then he or she will not be an expert in that case.

If you don't want to be stupid and want to know the truth, you must do your own research. You can listen to all the information that other people have to give you but in the end you must make up your mind using your own research if that info you are given is true.

Why a nation is full of stupid people?

A lot of people are stupid because they are too lazy to research, not because they are born stupid but they have been raised to not question information given and never desire to find out the truth or verify any info. When a lot of people repeat the same information, the next person who hears it thinks just because a lot of people believe in it, it must be true. Don't be one of the pack - verify for yourself and Always do the research for yourself.